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Kurt & Shannon Bowden - Team MiniTears

          Kurt & Shannon live in Lakehead, California, a small lake side community in the far northern part of California.


            During the early summer of 2008, Kurt & Shannon visited "The Dam Gathering of the Tears", an annual teardrop event that is held on the shores of Lake Shasta in their home town. Inspired by the trailers they saw there, Kurt began designing a trailer that could be towed behind Shannon's Chili Red & White MINI Cooper ‘S’, "LIPSTICK", a small car with less than 1400 lbs towing capacity.


            Since 1985, Kurt has owned and operated Fine Line Design, a custom home design firm located in the area just north of Redding, California. The economic down turn of ’08 all but stopped home construction in the area but allowed him the free time to get back into his woodshop where the first MiniTear teardrop began to take shape in June of ‘08. Kurt's background in home design and construction, along with the fabricating skills his father passed on to him, gave him everything he needed to build this beautiful prototype teardrop trailer they fondly refer to as "GLOSS".


            Kurt’s lovely wife, Shannon, a marriage family therapist by profession, lends support to Team MiniTears by wielding a 4” varnish brush that lays down four flawless coats of spar varnish on every new MiniTears Teardrop Trailer.

            Please stop by the Contact Us page of their website to drop them a line with questions or comments. They enjoy hearing from their visitors.