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Build Your Own MiniTear Teardrop

So, you’re thinking about building your own teardrop trailer. If you’ve spent any time around teardrop trailers or have been to a teardrop gathering you already know that teardrop trailers are as unique as their owners. While a fully loaded MiniTears Teardrop sets an example of ultimate luxury in these trailers, teardrop trailers are traditionally much simpler in design and features, and in some cases, primitive in their construction. Whether you’re road tripping in a MiniTear or cruising with a home built or re-constructed vintage trailer from the ‘40s, teardrop trailers offer a unique and enjoyable alternative to tent or RV camping.


MiniTears is now offering individual “kit packages” to the build-it-yourselfers. These packages offer the same beauty and style as our finely crafted trailers. They also offer flexibility in features, options and construction cost to the builder. Here are just a few reasons we think the MiniTears Build-It-Yourself Kit Packages are the best way to build your own teardrop trailer;

  • Years of research and development in design
  • Quality cabinet grade plywoods in either our trademark Knotty Alder or a selection of other species like Cherry, Birch, and Maple
  • Aluminum sidings in five different finishes:

    * Our trademark mirror polished finish - anodized

    * Pre-finished white – leave as it is or use as a primer finish ready to paint

    * Traditional mill finish

    * Rose or Gold tinted mirror polish – anodized (when available)

  • CNC precision cut plywood and aluminum body parts

  • Body parts are dado & pre-drilled to simplify assembly – Cut outs for options like sinks, ventilation systems, battery boxes, & skylights available at no extra cost

  • Quality aluminum moldings, trims, windows, and hardware

  • Detailed plans for the ideal, perfectly balanced trailer frame

  • First quality marine grade stainless steel components

  • Technical support during construction and material sourcing *

  • And best of all, the sharpest looking teardrop on the road!

 * Limits on hourly technical support may apply. Consulting rates available.


Constructing a trailer from our kits requires basic (& some advanced) woodworking skills, a well tooled shop, & at least a one car garage sized construction area.


Kit Package Pricing:


Plywood Package: $1075, Knotty Alder – includes all body parts, cabinet face frames, and bender plywood


Aluminum Package: $1650, Mirror polished (anodized) siding - includes outside aluminum skin pre-cut for walls, doors, & windows plus adhesives


Body Package: $1600, Includes moldings & trims (polished diamond plate or flat stock), windows, door hardware, weather stripping, fenders (polished diamond plate) with mounting hardware, taillights & fender mounted brackets, license plate frame, snubbers & hasp


Frame Package: $650, Includes a detailed plan/cut list of frame components, misc. chassis hardware (coupler, wiring loom, clevis pins & clips), & 1500 torsion axle


Electrical Package: $800, Includes, battery, battery box, battery charger/maintainer, fuse block, fuses, and wire

Plumbing Package $750, Includes sink, faucet, water tank, pump, hoses & hardware


Cabinet Package $600, Includes all the cabinet face frames and major cabinet components and tambour door kits.


There are other optional packages such as a Lighting Package, , Skylight Package, Cooler & Ventilation Package, etc., each priced by options.

    Prices do not include CA sales tax, or shipping & handling.

    Kits do not include fasteners, adhesives (unless noted), 1x hardwoods for cabinetry & trims, or sealants.


Please feel free to call us or email us with questions about our kits.


Overall Dimensions (without chassis):         4' wide x 8'-6" long x 4' high

Overall Dimensions (including chassis):     5'-8"+/- wide x 11'-6"+/- long x 5'+/- high

Approximate Weight (of prototype):                875 lbs (can vary +/- 45 lbs)

Tongue Weight (of prototype):                         90 lbs (10% of gross weight)

Mattress Area:                                                    47 1/2" wide x 72" long (actual sleeping area is 6'-3" long)