Kurt Bowden



(530) 238-2914


Est. 2008

Own Your Own Teardrop Business!

After 8 years of building custom teardrop trailers, we have decided to sell MiniTears Teardrop Trailers.


What started out to be a home woodworking project turned out to be much, much more.


    The housing crash of 2008 found Kurt, a residential architect since 1985, looking for something to do. After he & his wife, Shannon, experienced a "teardrop gathering" in their home town of Lakehead, Ca., Kurt was inspired to build an ultralight teardrop to tow behind their new car, a 2008 Mini Cooper 'S'. Kurt's love of woodworking and his passion for designing were a natural for a home-build teardrop project.


     The teardrop that Kurt designed & built soon came to be known as "The Prototype". Still without any home design work, friends, family, & other teardrop enthusiast encouraged Kurt to build another teardrop. Long story short, MiniTears Teardrop Trailers was launched. But after 8 years & ten custom teardrop projects later, Kurt is back at the drawing board (or computer as it were) doing what he loves best ... designing homes.


A Business Opportunity?



     If woodworking and cabinet building are skills you hold, this could be a great opportunity. Minitears has always been operated as a home based, one-man-show custom trailer business. But the research and development, product sourcing, advertising, and electronic files that have been created over the past 8 years, give this business a fantastic opportunity to be developed into a full on production operation.


    For the price of just one of our fully loaded custom trailers you can own this business. If you think this opportunity may be right for you, contact Kurt Bowden at (530) 238-2914.