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One-of-a-Kind Show Quality Teardrop Trailers

Welcome to MiniTears! You have found the ultimate in lightweight luxury teardrop trailers. Whether looking for the perfect companion to your show car, custom hot rod, or everyday drive car, these one-of-a-kind trailers truly stand out above the rest.


These beautiful trailers were originally designed and marketed to tow behind a MINI Cooper ‘S’, an ultra small, high end car with less than 1400 lbs tow capacity. Now, in the fifth year, MiniTears has become the teardrop of choice not only for MINI owners but for the most discerning of show car and hot rod enthusiasts.


These are not mass produced teardrop trailers. Each trailer has months of detailed work put into design, construction, and artisan quality woodwork using exotic hardwoods from around the world. During design, the owner’s car becomes the focus, tailoring the trailer to be the perfect match. Although the basic MiniTear design, a 4’x 8’-6” retro shaped body does not change, the wheels, color scheme, fenders, and cabinet detailing spotlight features of the car’s period and style.


Priced in the $25,000 range, they are not for everybody. But, if you’re looking for a teardrop trailer worthy of that special car it’s towed with, look no further than MiniTears Teardrop Trailers.



Builders Gallery

The Builders Gallery is a collection of captioned photos taken during the construction of our trailers. For you builders, this gallery is filled with helpful information that will save you hours of research while building your own teardrop trailer.

TinyTears - A Sweet Little Trailer

In 2009 MiniTears had a request to build a show trailer specifically designed to be towed behind a vintage 1965 Morris-MINI Cooper pickup. The result was a 3' x 6' color matched trailer that we now call TinyTears.


Not really designed as a sleeper (although it could be for a person under 6' tall), it makes a stylish addition to any compact car or even a motorcycle.


To learn more about the features, options, and pricing of the TinyTear, give us a call. There are lots of creative ways to use a great little trailer like this for business or pleasure.





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